09 Dec

Farewell Ireland.

ATTENTION: You are about to read my final blog post. How bittersweet. Wednesday evening, was my last evening out in Macroom with the housemates. We went out for a meal, and then had drinks and played pool across the street at one of the pubs in town. This was the first time I ever played [...]

06 Dec

Secret cards.

Today was an exciting day for the Polish boys in class. Because St. Nicholas does not play a major role in Polish Christmas, a celebration with gifts is celebrated on St. Nicholas’ feast day, December 6th. So five boys in class had a visit from Santa Claus last evening. One of the boys in class [...]

03 Dec

Dog years.

Thursday after school, I sat in on parent-teacher meetings with Mr. Moynihan. I really enjoyed this, because I was able to meet many of the parents and in return, they were able to meet me. One of the mom’s said, “I feel like you’re part of our family Miss Menzer. We hear a story about [...]

30 Nov


These past few days have been very busy. I apologize for not blogging—but I have some time today! The weather, again, has just been awful—very cold, wet, and windy. The boys have a countdown going of how many days I have left at school (down to six!). Some have this countdown going because they do [...]

25 Nov

An Irish Thanksgiving.

I hope all of you had a lovely Thanksgiving. Yesterday, I brought in jellied cranberries for the school staff to try—they did not like them. It looks just like beetroot does here, which has a very vinegary and bitter taste. I think many of them thought it would taste like beetroot (since it looked just [...]

23 Nov

I am thankful for…

As I have mentioned before, the boys have been told not to bring sweets in their lunches. Instead they are to bring something healthy from one of the other food groups on the food pyramid. Today, I noticed one of the boys had a big chocolate mustache (and beard!) I then asked him why he [...]

22 Nov

There was an old lady who swallowed a…euro!

Again, the weather during the past few days has just been awful. Very windy, rainy, and a bit chilly. I am in desperate need of sunshine! Yesterday at school, I had one of my students tell me that he enjoyed making eye contact with me—whatever that means exactly, I do not know. I think there [...]

18 Nov


Although today is Friday (thank goodness!) there is nothing too exciting to share. The wind and rain are still happening, unfortunately—rather depressing if you ask me. I miss sunshine! Today at school I was handed a note by one of the boys in class that read ‘you are the world’s best teacher’…I then found out [...]

17 Nov

Power outage.

Macroom is experiencing some awful weather today and most likely tomorrow. Heavy winds rain, and flooding…yuck! Today at school, we lost power for a little while, so we had to manage without technology. I started reading the BFG by Roald Dahl to the boys and they were captivated. I remember loving this book when my [...]

16 Nov

British Army.

On Monday at school, Margaret brought her accordion in to play for the boys. They absolutely loved it, as did I. The only time I have ever really seen an accordion outside of Ireland, was on the TV show Family Matters with Steve Urkel. During yard yesterday, one of the boys had his pants all [...]